C'est la vie

gettin through it ^

Jul 20

So sad

You as a person made me feel good. You used to make me want to thrive and now that I have you, you make me feel like shit you constantly seek attention from others and you knowing hide things that you are not at all good at.

Jul 13

Life goes on I suppose

Im at a point in my life where I have to decide family or love. I hate the decision I have to make because I dont know what either one will bring.. . I wish I had more time before any of this exploded in my face.. but life happens right? I guess it’s my fault for not preparing fast enough but it still hurts. I wish there was an easy answer for everything.. come find me.

Jul 12


My parents disowned me today..

I look out the window searching for hope. .. come find me.

I look out the window searching for hope. .. come find me.


진짜 요새 아퍼.. .

Jul 11

Wow so pathetic

Its pathetic that you await so dearly for you fan base on grindr what kind of relationship is that? Whatever.

Jul 10


If you do then I’m gone. If you don’t then I’ll stay that is the ultimatum. I’m tired of having this fear and I realized where it came from I got this fear passed down to me from my parent I don’t fear it anymore I embrace it and push it’s boundaries to see what the future brings and move forward either on my own or with you. C’est la vie.

Jul 8
haven’t done this for a while. ..

haven’t done this for a while. ..

Jun 30
Tis quite the truth.

Tis quite the truth.

Jun 28

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